San Juan Oaks Golf Club

San Juan Oaks Golf Club spans an impressive 2000 acres and offers an exceptional golfing experience amidst beautiful surroundings. San Juan Oaks prides itself on offering a top-tier experience on and off the course. With its commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, the club ensures every visitor enjoys unparalleled service and facilities. The addition of a state-of-the-art WiFi system aims to enhance the guest experience further, providing seamless connectivity across the entire property.


San Juan Oaks Golf Club main goals

Provide a strategic and cost-effective WiFi solution tailored for a customer service-driven industry.
Implement a sustainable power solution using solar energy to ensure a reliable and eco-friendly WiFi service.
Ensure complete and seamless coverage throughout the whole golf course
Standardize on an enterprise wireless solution for San Juan Oaks Golf Club.
Ensure proper performance of a WiFi powered irrigation system to keep the course looking perfect


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The San Juan Oaks Golf Club installation posed a few different challenges that our team was able to solve such as the expansive terrain, the need for a solar powered solution, and their need to connect their irrigation system to their WiFi network to automate and optimize its’ performance. 

It can be difficult to ensure complete and seamless coverage over large properties, there are more opportunities for dead spots when properties get larger. Ensuring complete connection over the entirety of this 2000 acre property was not a small task and something our team took pride in being able to accomplish.

Creating a solar powered Wi-Fi solution was a unique challenge for the San Juan Oaks golf club, and one that our team is grateful we got the opportunity to experience. The importance of having the most eco-friendly solution possible is growing every day and we are proud to be able to offer solar powered WiFi.

The connection of the irrigation system posed a small challenge that we were able to solve because the irrigation system needed to be separated from the rest of the network in order to work properly. A sprinkler is not able to interact with the guest access portal so we created a hidden network for the sprinklers to operate.


Their goals, our vision

We solved the challenge of the vast terrain at San Juan Oaks by strategically positioning our poles in locations where they are able to transmit the signal over the widest possible area. We used locations like the tops of large hills and rooftops to install the most efficient and effective WiFi solution possible.

The first step in our solution was to position the signal from the clubhouse to the best possible vantage point so we could then spread the signal across the property. From that vantage point we were able to locate some great spots to put our additional poles and connect the whole course.

The solar system’s successful trial deployment marked a significant milestone. This network optimizes its energy use and protects the environment as much as any WiFi system out there. This installation is an important milestone for us because we successfully deployed this solar solution meaning we can now confidently say that we can complete outdoor WiFi installations without harming the natural environment.

Our integration of a centralized dashboard for global WiFi management empowered San Juan Oaks to focus on expanding their operations while ensuring the continuation of high performance and guest service standards


What we achieved

1. Standardization of a Golf Course Enterprise WiFi Solution: Successfully deployed a robust and seamless wireless solution across the entire golf course that can be replicated for our future customers

2. Sustainable Power Solution: Successfully implemented a solar energy powered WiFi system to ensure a reliable and eco-friendly service.

3. 24/7 Guest Support: Provided continuous guest support with minimal issues, ensuring satisfaction.

4. Turnkey Wireless High-speed Internet: Delivered a fully turnkey solution that does not require set up and monitoring on the clients’ end

5. Proactive Performance Tuning: Ongoing optimization of WiFi performance.

6. Fully Managed Solution: Established a comprehensive, monitored, and supported wireless network.

7. Customizable Guest Access Portal: Created a unique and user-friendly guest access experience with the ability to generate extra revenue for the property.

8. Fully functional WiFi powered irrigation system: Successfully set up our WiFi to be able to effectively communicate with and operate an irrigation system.

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