Red Roof Inn

Founded by James R. Trueman in 1972, Red Roof Inn was incorporated with a single room rate of $8.50 at its first hotel in Columbus, Ohio. Today, Red Roof® has almost 350 properties throughout the United States and serves millions of guests each year.

For over 30 years, the company and hotels have been known for a warm and welcoming spirit. Red Roof® is a leader in the economy hotel segment with franchised, corporate-managed, and corporate-owned properties, serving millions of guests each year. Along with their Smart-by-Design® value-added amenities that are simple, yet economical, they meet the needs of every guest.

Most recently, Red Roof® launched its “Nicest Price®” advance purchase option, which rewards guests who reserve and pay for their room in advance.


Red Roof Inn’s main goals

Establish a unified, enterprise-class wireless network solution for all hotels

Red Roof Inn wanted to bring all its locations under one network architecture and vision with advanced enterprise features, ensuring a comprehensive enterprise-class wireless solution.

Offer what is an expected world-class amenity in today’s hotel standards.

WiFi is now considered a standard amenity that guests expect in hotels. Red Roof Inn recognized this and aimed to provide top-notch wireless coverage that meets the demands of its guests.

Provide a strategic and cost-effective WiFi solution for a customer service-driven company.

Red Roof Inn aimed to provide a wireless solution that is both cost-effective and strategic. The company wanted to offer greater wireless service to its customers while ensuring a scalable and easily manageable solution.

Implement a cloud-based solution that can be centrally managed.

A cloud-based solution with centralized management was critical for Red Roof Inn. The company needed a solution that could be easily managed by a single person from anywhere at any time.

Implement a solution that can provide top-notch reporting, throttling, and content filtering.

Red Roof Inn wanted a solution that can provide comprehensive reporting, throttling, and content filtering capabilities to ensure the security and usability of its wireless network.

Keep up with the guest demands for flawless streaming media content.

As streaming media becomes increasingly popular, Red Roof Inn recognized the need to keep up with guest demands for flawless streaming media content.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, reliable and advanced wireless technology is a must-have for any hotel. Unfortunately, like many other establishments, Red Roof Inn had outdated wireless infrastructure that failed to meet the demands of its guests.

To overcome this challenge, Red Roof Inn partnered with Sigma Wifi, an industry-leading wireless solution provider, to bring the company under one network architecture and vision, with advanced enterprise features. The goal was to offer seamless wireless service and ensure a scalable and easily manageable solution. In order to achieve these goals, Red Roof Inn required a comprehensive enterprise-class wireless solution.

As hotels function much like large corporations, strict guidelines on specifications, performance, and security were crucial. The legacy WiFi could not provide the expected performance or usability, and Red Roof Inn recognized the need to invest in a solution that was performance-based, security-driven, and easily managed. The ultimate objective was to bring corporate-level standards to the wireless network for all locations without adding complexity.

Therefore, a robust, secure, and scalable yet simple solution was necessary, enabling a single person to manage and support it from anywhere and at any time.


Their goals, our vision

Red Roof Inn was facing the challenge of outdated wireless technology that didn’t meet the expectations of its customers. To address this issue, the company partnered with Sigma Wifi to provide a comprehensive wireless solution. Sigma Wifi proposed a cloud-managed wireless solution that would provide better coverage and performance to customers, while also being scalable and easy to manage.

In order to achieve this, Sigma Wifi recommended the implementation of the Cisco Meraki product line, which offers a centralized dashboard for easy management and allows for the addition of access points based on serial numbers, which simplifies the process of expanding the wireless network. The Meraki solution also offers out-of-the-box security and scalability, making it an ideal choice for Red Roof Inn’s needs.

Additionally, Sigma Wifi provided proactive support and monitoring of the wireless network to ensure that any issues were quickly identified and resolved, further improving the customer experience.

Overall, the solutions proposed by Sigma Wifi addressed the challenges faced by Red Roof Inn by providing a comprehensive, scalable, and easy-to-manage wireless solution that met the needs of both the customers and the company.



We chose Morse Technologies and Sigmawiji because of their extensive experience with designing and implementing a state-of-the-art wireless solution that provides proper coverage, accommodates the increasing number of devices the average user has and is scalable as needs change or increase. Their proactive service model enables them to continuously monitor and adjust design, signal, coverage area and performance based on increased needs or usage in any given Red Roof Hotel.

Director of IT

Red Roof Inn


What we achieved

1. Improved guest satisfaction with faster and more reliable wireless coverage.

2. Reduced the workload of the IT team with centralized, cloud-based management.

3. Simplified network administration with a single dashboard for all locations.

4. Enhanced security features to protect guest data and the company network.

5. Scalable solution that can accommodate the needs of future expansion.

6. Successful implementation in over 300 Red Roof Inn locations, resulting in increased productivity and revenue.

7. Reduced costs and increased efficiency with the ability to add access points based on a single dashboard and serial number.

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