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Backed by a team of highly trained engineersstate of the art service desk and world class management and monitoring portal,  Sigmawifi stands as the all-in-one communications solution for design, engineering, implementation, and support

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TURNKEY WiFi services including high speed internet, high bandwidth WiFi installed, proactive WiFi management and performance tuning with 24/7 Support and Guest Services. We specialize in indoor and outdoor hospitality, high speed wireless internet, focused technology for high density, high bandwidth wireless connectivity for an unmatched guest connection experience.

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Portable cellular-based access to broadband and the Internet.

Staying connected outdoors or on the road has never been easier. Cloud Case allows you to connect to the internet by using Wi-Fi, and allows you to fall back onto a cellular supported network in remote areas or when on-the-go. It’s Wi-Fi wherever you go, whenever you need it.

Cloud Case is a portable, turnkey Wi-Fi solution which includes hardware, software, device management, and tech support. It offers connectivity to existing Wi-Fi networks as well as fall back to a cellular data supported network. It provides Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity for recreational vehicles, outdoor hospitality venues, marinas, open water environments such as lakes and coastlines, remote jobsite locations, and outdoor events. It’s Wi-Fi wherever you go, whenever you need it.


Two ways to Wi-Fi

Cloud Case connects to the Internet in two ways: through Wi-Fi or with cellular data. By connecting to available free Wi-Fi, Cloud Case amplifies Wi-Fi signals and rebroadcasts them in a 50-foot radius, allowing for up to 30 devices to connect at once. When Wi-Fi isn’t available, or is inadequate to handle workload, Cloud Case can support Internet connectivity through a cellular supported network that is password protected, and always available.


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