Asheville River Cabins

Asheville River Cabins offers charming and cozy accommodations along the banks of the French Broad River. With stunning views of nature, rustic yet modern cabins, and a range of nearby activities, this is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or family vacation in the heart of western North Carolina.


Asheville River Cabins’ main goals

Provide guests with an ‘At Home’ wireless experience by distributing WiFi throughout the property’s footprint.
Create a wireless backbone throughout the property to ensure that each cabin is connected.
Find a scalable solution that can easily connect future cabins and airstreams to the network.
Partner with experienced outdoor WiFi professionals who can design, implement, manage, support, and proactively tune performance.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The biggest challenge for Asheville River Cabins was to implement a structured cabling project for basic amenities like TV and WiFi in a glamping property where running aerial cabling between poles and trenching through rough terrain was often impossible.

The property goal was to bring corporate-level standards to its wireless network for all units without the complexity and find a partner to implement a 100% turnkey High-Speed Internet Access Solution (HSIA) with unmatched 24/7 guest support.

Asheville River Cabins needed to build a robust, secure, and scalable network that enabled cross-platform integration and could prepare the property to securely accept integration with other technologies and applications.


Their goals, our vision

We were chosen as the partner for Asheville River Cabins thanks to our proven experience in offering state-of- the-art WiFi design, expert hotel technology advisory services, and ability to consult and advise, install, and support other technologies such as TV’s, Smart Hotel functionality, and other IT areas. Our expertise in central management, proactive support, security, and reliability ensured that their guests were highly satisfied.

We offered a unique design and support model that scaled to Asheville River Cabins’ needs and matched their high level of customer service expectations. Our enterprise provisioning features enabled remote configurations of new Solutions Their goals, our vision APs, and we were able to drop-ship them to any location with simple plug-and-play installation capabilities.

Our centralized dashboard for global WiFi management allowed Asheville River Cabins to scale their business while maintaining a high level of performance and guest service.

We are proud to have provided a turnkey solution for Asheville River Cabins’ stateof- the-art WiFi design, and our ability to support other technologies such as TV’s and Smart Hotel functionality made us the ideal partner for their needs.

Our partnership with Asheville River Cabins is a proof to our commitment to delivering the best solutions and services to our clients.



We’ve always struggled to offer good WiFi in our outdoor hospitality environment.

Fast stable internet service is becoming increasingly important in the hospitality business and customer service provided by most internet providers is not adequate to serve a guest’s needs in a hotel environment. Sigmawifi solved both challenges for us, they installed a community internet system that is fast and reliable and when issues do arise, our guests call them direct to resolve any issues. This has been a great internet solution for Asheville River Cabins.

Brett S. Turner Owner


What we achieved

1. A state-of-the-art guest WiFi experience that is fully managed and hassle-free

2. Seamless support for streaming TV services for guests’ entertainment needs

3. Wireless door locks that are easy to use and fully supported

4. Continuous proactive performance tuning to ensure optimal WiFi performance at all times

5. Implementation of a secure and performance-driven enterprise guest WiFi solution to ensure guests’ privacy and satisfaction

6. 24/7 experience monitoring and dedicated guest and staff support services for peace of mind

7. A valuable business partnership with SigmaWiFi, consisting of hospitality industry professionals with decades of experience and advisory services

8. A reliable and knowledgeable partner to advise and support other technologies such as PMS integration, smart technologies, cameras, and other areas of IT.

9. A fully integrated guest captive portal that allows for easy communication with guests, promotes property amenities, captures guest information, and generates park revenue

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