Virginia Beach KOA Holiday

Virginia Beach KOA Holiday is the ultimate destination for those seeking a fun-filled vacation. Situated close to the beaches, attractions, and shopping areas, this campground is perfect for families and adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can also rent golf carts, bikes, and pedal carts to explore the area. From Fall and Halloween festivals to the annual Lights of Christmas, there’s always something exciting happening at Virginia Beach KOA Holiday.


Virginia Beach KOA Holiday’s main goals

Create a property-wide solution with enough reliability and performance

Offer guests a 24/7 single point of contact for all Wi-Fi-related assistance
Identify a partner with significant experience in outdoor WiFi

Set the park apart from others with Cutting-edge Wi-Fi Experiences


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

Virginia Beach KOA Holiday park is spread across a vast acreage and has over 350 sites. However, its current infrastructure needed to be improved for meeting the demands of today’s RV guests who require high-speed internet access and excellent wireless coverage for remote work and constant technology access.

The existing ISP was providing a limited broadband connection that could not cater to all guests’ streaming needs. To offer an “At Home” Wi-Fi experience, especially in Premium Cabins, the property needed a partner that could offer a turnkey High-Speed Internet Access Solution (HSIA) with 24/7 guest support and continuous monitoring and analytics of use.


Their goals, our vision

To fulfil Virginia Beach KOA Holiday’s goals, we provided a distinctive design and support model that was scalable and matched the property’s high customer service level expectations. We were able to successfully design, implement, monitor, and support the large Virginia Beach KOA Holiday park with our expertise in outdoor WiFi. With the collaboration of ISP, we managed to upgrade the Park’s bandwidth to dedicated Fiber, improving internet speed and providing more bandwidth to cater to the needs of modern guests who require high-speed internet for remote work and constant access to technology.
Our unique approach ensured that the Park had a network that could cater to their current needs and grow with their future demands. Additionally, our support team provided 24/7 assistance, ensuring that guests had a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience. Overall, our strategy allowed the Virginia Beach KOA Holiday park to deliver a state-of-the-art Guest WiFi Experience that set them apart from other parks in the area.



We’ve always struggled to offer good WiFi in our outdoor hospitality environment. This year, Sigmawifi took us to a new level by bringing in fiber optic. They accurately assessed our needs, clearly communicated the process and investment would be, then handled everything from making all the arrangements with our local fiber provider to handling all installation. Sigma was very professional in designing and setting up the system to work at optimum efficiency. We love that the results are far more reliable and customers are very happy. In addition, Sigma has its own reliable help desk for my guests to call directly with their questions, so we don’t need to get involved. When updates or resets to the system are needed, Sigma is alerted and takes care of it long before we are even aware. I really like Sigma’s personal, hands-on approach and great customer service.

Keith Stachurski

GM Virginia Beach KOA Holiday


What we achieved

1. A Turnkey, fully managed, State-of-the-Art Guest WiFi Experience
2. Guest Confidence in their FAST, RELIABLE, MANAGED Guest WiFi Experience
3. Implementation of a Secure, Performance driven, Enterprise guest WiFi solution
4. A robust network with fiber infrastructure that not only improves WiFi Coverage but also adds to an overall increase in the monetary evaluation of the entire Park
5. Fully integrated Guest Captive Portal to communicate with guests and promote property services
6. Full support for Streaming TV Services

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