Video Surveillance

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Nationwide - Video Surveillance with Storage Options


Sigma WiFi Security Video Solutions provide advanced tools to help deter theft, intrusion and vandalism, limit premise liability and capture valuable information about your business.

Is your business secure?

Whether you are installing a new video surveillance system, refitting or upgrading an existing system, combining systems, or even integrating web and mobile video, Sigma WiFi brings video solutions into focus to meet virtually any security challenge. From closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, to IP networked options, we offer everything needed to make the most of your video surveillance solutions and more. Contact us today.

  • Video Analytics
  • Video Cameras
  • Video Management Systems/Software
  • Video Monitors
  • Video Recorders
  • Video Surveillance
  • Wireless Networking

Our system designers are experts at maximizing the unique advantages of infrared, low-light, thermal, Charge Coupled Device (CCD) or simple analog video cameras. Contact us to learn more.

Multi-Device Access

Access security footage from anywhere. See what’s been happening at your business from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Email Notifications

Get alerts sent to your email that help you keep track of what’s going on at your business.

Real-time Video

Use your smartphone to see the live footage of your business using your security camera.

Flexible Storage

With cloud-based storage, you choose how long you want to store security footage. See video going back 15 or 30 days.


Get the stats on security events for your business, from everyday event notifications to unexpected entries or exits.

Web Portal

See footage from multiple cameras from your web browser on your desktop, mobile, tablet or other enabled device.