Cozy Pond Camping Resort

Nestled in the heart of the serene White Mountains in New Hampshire, USA, Cozy Pond Camping Resort offers a peaceful camping experience. The campsites are spacious and well-maintained, surrounded by tall trees and overlooking a tranquil pond, making it an ideal escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Whether you’re an experienced camper or a first-time visitor, Cozy Pond Camping Resort is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating and enjoyable outdoor adventure.


Cozy Pond Camping Resort’s main goals

Offer its campers an at-home Wi-Fi experience of exceptional quality, which would help them attract more visitors and keep them happy and satisfied.

Offer premium Internet plans to its guests and charge for enhanced bandwidth, helping the resort generate additional revenue during COVID-19.

Implement a robust, secure & scalable cloud managed solution, that could be easily maintained, and 100% supported.

Partner with a company that could design, architect, install, and centrally manage the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Develop an Admin network with advanced security features for day to day business operations.

Leverage one company to survey, design, architect, install and support 100%, 24/7.

Implement a centrally managed system that could be remotely monitored and supported.

Develop a guest network with advanced enterprise features, including a splash page for guest login.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The main challenge for Cozy Pond Camping Resort was to provide their campers with an exceptional Wi- Fi experience that could meet the increasing demand for Wi-Fi due to the impact of COVID-19, while also generating additional revenue for the park.

The RV Park’s location in a heavily wooded area made it essential to provide great outdoor Wi-Fi coverage to accommodate guests’ needs. The design had to accommodate over 300 connected devices simultaneously, supporting tiered bandwidth where guests could pay for premium service. Additionally, the network design needed to provide a signal strength of -65db or better throughout the park. It was crucial to handle bandwidth-intensive applications that customers demand while providing 24/7 guest support.

They wanted a comprehensive enterpriseclass wireless solution that could be easily maintained and supported, and they needed one company that could design, architect, install, and centrally manage the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Cozy Pond Camping Resort wanted a single company that could design, architect, install, and centrally manage the Wi-Fi network. This was critical because having one company to manage the infrastructure could ensure that the Wi-Fi network was working seamlessly and that any issues could be promptly resolved.


Their goals, our vision

We delivered a robust, scalable, performance-optimized Wi-Fi solution that had incredible coverage throughout the park and installed an extensive wireless and wired backhaul system, including two 500’+ dualstrand aerial fiber drops that extended connectivity through the wooded areas. This solution provided guests with uninterrupted Wi-Fi access, even in the most remote areas of the park.

We also incorporated a softwarebased credit card payment system that offered tiered bandwidth and customized plans to meet the customer’s needs. This system generated additional revenue for the park and allowed guests to choose from basic free internet access or premium tier plans that provided enhanced bandwidth. Guests could now enjoy an “at home experience” with the ability to support Live TV

and Audio streaming services, Video Conference Calls, and multi-media devices including Apple TV and Roku.

The Virtual Controller based solution with cloud management, reporting, and analytics allowed the resort to be under one network and include advanced enterprise features. It also provided a splash page for guest login, making it easy for guests to access the internet. Having one company that could design, architect, install and centrally manage the system was critical. We provided ongoing proactive device management, monitoring, and 24/7 support, ensuring that any issues were resolved promptly. With the help of Sigma Wifi, Cozy Pond Camping Resort provided their guests with an exceptional Wi- Fi experience that enhanced their camping experience.



We came to Sigmawifi at the end of our 2020 season to upgrade our Wi-Fi. They came in with competitive pricing and a strategy and design that was customized for my needs. We have a heavily wooded campground which has created a challenge for providers I’ve worked with in the past. Sigma really shined in their seamless installation technique where they were able to manoeuvre through obstacles as well as their attention to detail. Sigmawifi designed and installed a high-performance wireless solution that offers amazing coverage and exceeded my expectations and those of my guests. We are set up with 24/7 monitoring and have enjoyed our experience working with Sigmawifi so far. The system is fully supported so I can shift my attention to spending more time with the campers and making their stay more enjoyable.

Joe DiPrima Owner of Cozy Pond Camping Resort


What we achieved

1. Improved guest experience with a robust, secure and scalable cloudmanaged Wi-Fi solution that offers exceptional coverage.

2. Enhanced revenue generation with the incorporation of a softwarebased credit card payment system that offers tiered bandwidth and customized plans to meet the customer’s needs.

3. Expanded connectivity throughout the park, including previously difficult-to-reach areas, with an extensive wireless and wired backhaul system and dual strand aerial fiber drops.

4. Enhanced wireless technology that provides strong signal strength throughout the park.

5. Advanced enterprise-class wireless features and a virtual controller-based solution with cloud management, reporting and analytics.

6. Ongoing proactive device management, monitoring, and 24/7 support to ensure a reliable and high-quality Wi-Fi experience for guests.

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