Sea Latch Inn

Sea Latch Inn is a charming coastal getaway nestled in the picturesque town of York Beach, Maine. Located just some steps away from the beach, this familyowned and operated inn offers comfortable and inviting accommodations, with modern amenities and scenic ocean views. Guests can enjoy various activities, from swimming and surfing to exploring nearby attractions like Nubble Lighthouse and the quaint shops and restaurants of York Village. With its warm hospitality and an unbeatable location, Sea Latch Inn is the perfect destination for a memorable Maine vacation.


Sea Latch Inn’s main goals

Ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction by providing reliable, highspeed internet access that meets the needs of modern travellers.

Streamline network management by implementing a centralized wireless solution that allows for an efficient monitoring and reporting.

Enhance the guest experience by offering a customizable captive portal that provides targeted messaging, capture guest data, and promotes hotel amenities.

To stay ahead of the curve by implementing a scalable and futureproof wireless and solution that can accommodate the guests’ evolving needs.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The main challenge for Sea Latch Inn was to find a partner who could provide a wireless solution that meets the demands of their hotel guests, with 24/7 support and network monitoring. The hotel needed to replace their legacy wireless system and implement a new solution that could meet corporate-level standards, while still being simple, secure, and scalable.

Additionally, the solution needed to enable cross-platform integration and be prepared to securely accept integration to other technologies and applications. Sigma’s team was able to provide the necessary expertise and consulting services to help Sea Latch Inn overcome these challenges and improve their wireless network.


Their goals, our vision

Sea Latch Inn partnered with us to implement a top-tier High-Speed Internet Access Solution with 24/7 guest support and network monitoring. Our proven experience delivering state-of-the-art WiFi design, expertise, and central management sets us apart from the competition. With our unique design and support model, Sea Latch Inn can focus on providing exceptional guest services while we handle all their technology needs.

Our enterprise provisioning features enable remote management and simple plug-and-play installation capabilities, ensuring seamless coverage throughout their hotels.

And with our advisory services and expertise in Hotel Technologies, we’ve initiated discussions around a streamlined, single-source solution for PMS Integration, Smart Hotel Technologies, TV Services, Audio, VOIP, and several other areas. By partnering with us, Sea Latch Inn can now elevate their guest experience and stay ahead of the competition.


What we achieved

1. We provided a complete, hasslefree, and cutting-edge Guest WiFi Experience that is now fully managed.
2. Our WiFi solution offers full support for Streaming TV Services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable guest experience.
3. We proactively tuned and optimised our WiFi performance to ensure the best possible user experience.
4. Our 24/7 Experience Monitoring and support services ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
5. In the process of implementing a range of Smart Hotel Technology solutions, TV Services, VOIP, and Audio to meet our client’s needs.
6. Discussing with the ownership group the implementation of similar services for their entire property portfolio.

7. Our fully integrated Guest Captive Portal allows them to communicate with guests, capture guest information, promote the property amenities, and market their services effectively.

8. Developed a Business
Partnership between Sea Latch
Inn and SigmaWiFi, which has
a team of professionals in the
hospitality industry with decades
of experience and advisory

9. We implemented a secure, highperformance
Enterprise guest
WiFi solution to provide fast and
reliable internet connectivity for
all guests.

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