Block Island Beach House

Block Island Beach House (part of Lark Hotels) is centered around the iconic Surf Hotel, where you will find fresh, bright, and vintage-inspired beachfront rooms with private baths and modern amenities, plus direct access to the surf and sand. A lively beach bar and relaxed lounge offer good coffee, signature cocktails, and delicious bites all day. At night, drinks and music are available on the expansive waterfront deck. Block Island Beach House is a spirited but laid- back destination for discovering the island’s low-key charm. Block Island Beach House is the spot for a memorable night, perfect weekend, or an unforgettable week-long getaway — a place for escaping, celebrating, and making lifelong memories.


Block Island Beach House

Establish fast and reliable internet access for the Block Island Beach House following its acquisition by Lark Hotels.

Seek a solution that surpasses the limitations of available options (e.g., T1 1.54Mbps, DSL 3 Mbps, Cellular 6 Mbps, or Satellite 15 Mbps) and offer scalability and efficiency.

Ensure that the amenities provided, including high-speed internet, meet the expectations of Lark Hotels’ guests.

Partner with a partner to provide a tailored solution that aligns with the property’s specific needs and the standards that Lark Hotels uphold.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

Given the island’s remote location (9 miles distance from the mainland) and the absence of high-speed internet infrastructure, Lark Hotels sought a partner capable of finding innovative solutions to deliver improved internet connectivity to their new Block Island Beach House staff and guests.

The challenge of securing high-speed internet was so pronounced that both businesses and residents on the island had been unable to find a solution that met the demands of modern amenities.


Their goals, our vision

Sigmawifi successfully collaborated with a mainland partner to establish facilities capable of beaming a highspeed wireless signal to the hotel. Drawing upon a blend of techniques utilized in previous installations, we created a system to overcome the nine-mile gap separating the mainland and the island, directing the signal straight to the hotel.



“We don’t like to hear that our vision is impossible, so we seek out partners that work with us to make the impossible possible. Sigmawifi tackled a problem that no one else – in the history of Block Island – had been able to tackle. They are true professionals and problem solvers.”

Rob Blood

CEO Lark Hotels


What we achieved

1. IAchieved internet speeds potentially 67x or even 667x faster than previous rates with Sigmawifi technology.

2. Successfully established an effective system despite previous doubts about servicing the island.

3. Implemented a wireless system capable of delivering speeds of 1 Gbps at the Block Island Beach House, previously considered unattainable.

4. Expanded guest amenities at the hotel to include services once only imagined, similar to those in other locations.

5. Progressed plans to extend wireless internet services to neighboring businesses due to the success of the new system.

6. Resolved a seemingly insurmountable problem through collaboration and innovative design, enabling high-speed internet on Block Island.

7. Generated interest from other properties seeking to adopt Sigmawifi’s service following its success on Block Island.

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