Haverhill Country Club

Situated in the heart of Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley, the club provides breathtaking views of the meticulously designed championship golf course from its recently remodeled Tudor-style building. 

Established in 1925, Haverhill Golf and Country Club distinguishes itself as a highly esteemed and visually stunning golf destination in the Merrimack Valley region. With its fairways adorned by trees and greens featuring gentle slopes, the course presents a challenge for both casual and competitive golfers. Enhancing the experience, the club offers a driving range and two practice greens for players to refine all aspects of their game. 

Following a round of golf, guests can unwind in the newly renovated 19th Hole and enjoy a meal in the pristine dining room, which has been recently revamped.


Haverhill Country Club’s main goals

Upgrade IT Infrastructure and Wireless Network to ensure a modern and reliable IT infrastructure.

Enhance security measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect the club’s IT infrastructure from potential threats.

Improve member satisfaction by providing reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity throughout the club.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

Haverhill Country Club has long faced challenges in upgrading their IT infrastructure and wireless network due to a lack of strategic direction and expertise. Their utilization of outdated and unsupported hardware, the absence of wireless functionality throughout the club, and the absence of a strategic IT partner have hindered their progress. This situation has left them exposed to security vulnerabilities, unable to upgrade their club management software, and has led to dissatisfaction among members who lack internet access within the club premises.

To address potential security risks and declining member satisfaction, HCC recognized the need for a transformative change. Consequently, they sought out the expertise of Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi, who could provide the necessary support to overcome these challenges and guide HCC through a comprehensive solution.


Their goals, our vision

In preparation for Haverhill Country Club’s busy seasons in the Spring and Fall, Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi worked diligently to ensure all aspects of the club were fully operational. The process began with a comprehensive assessment of the club’s grounds, followed by creating a network map and inventory list to identify the existing hardware and its age. Using this information, a wireless network was redesigned to cater to key areas such as the restaurant and bar, function rooms, pool, and driving range. This new wireless design provided a complete and dependable solution for HCC, delivered by Sigmawifi.

The next crucial step involved reconfiguring and upgrading the network hardware to ensure all equipment was up-to-date and supported by the manufacturer.

This involved procuring servers, desktops, laptops, and switches, among other necessary components. Once the hardware and network upgrades were completed, HCC could proceed with upgrading their severely outdated club management software to the latest version, a task that was previously unattainable.

Through the dedicated efforts of Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi, Haverhill Country Club was equipped with a fully functional and modernized IT infrastructure, including a reliable wireless network, updated hardware, and upgraded club management software. These enhancements positioned HCC for a successful and efficient operation during their busiest seasons, offering an improved experience for both staff and club members.


What we achieved

1. Haverhill Country Club now has a rock-solid wireless network for guest enjoyment and upgraded club management software for added functionality and an enhanced customer experience.

2. Right from the beginning, HCC witnessed a notable improvement in member experience while capitalizing on new revenue streams enabled by enhanced wireless connectivity.

3. All services were up and running  within ample time before the deadline for HCC to adapt before the golf season

4. Operating on a system that is both fully supported and enhanced, HCC benefits from improved accessibility and enhanced functionality.

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