Lark Hotels

Lark Hotels is a boutique hotel collection renowned for its distinctive properties that blend modern luxury with local charm across various destinations in the United States. Each Lark Hotel offers a unique experience, meticulously designed to reflect the character and culture of its surroundings. With a focus on personalized service and attention to detail, Lark Hotels aims to create memorable stays for guests seeking immersive travel experiences. From historic inns to contemporary beachfront retreats, Lark Hotels embodies a commitment to hospitality excellence, catering to travelers who appreciate authentic accommodations infused with style and sophistication.


Lark Hotels

Establish a standardized enterprise wireless solution across all 25 hotel properties.

Ensure comprehensive and uninterrupted WiFi coverage throughout our hotels

Provide a strategic and cost-effective WiFi solution for a customer service-driven company

Leverage a company to accommodate centralized management, support, and monitoring

Deploy a solution capable of delivering robust reporting, throttling, and content filtering functionalities.

Ensure flawless streaming media content across multiple devices while offering a customizable and user-friendly guest access portal.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

Like many in the industry, Lark Hotels faced outdated wireless systems that failed to meet modern guest expectations. With today’s guests demanding excellent wireless coverage, Lark sought a partner capable of delivering a comprehensive, turnkey highspeed wireless internet solution backed by 24/7 guest support.

The company aimed to elevate its wireless networks across all locations to corporate standards without unnecessary complexity. A key priority was implementing a robust, secure, and scalable solution that could be managed and supported by a single individual from any location and at any time.


Their goals, our vision

Sigmawifi presented a distinctive design and support framework tailored to Lark’s requirements and aligned with their customer service standards. Recognizing the hotel’s objectives, we sought a wireless solution that prioritized security and reliability, ensuring seamless connectivity for guests.

Sigmawifi’s enterprise provisioning capabilities facilitate remote configuration of new access points, which can be conveniently dropshipped to any location for straightforward plug-and-play installation. A centralized dashboard for global WiFi management empowers Lark to expand its operations while upholding its commitment to outstanding performance and guest service.



In hospitality, we are extremely loyal. Our partners need to adhere to the same values as we do – and we found an excellent partner in Sigmawifi. They share our excitement, energy, and motivation to offer our guests a high-quality and memorable experience. We look forward to continuing to renovate and open new hotels with Sigmawifi by our side.

Rob Blood

CEO Lark Hotels


What we achieved

1. Provided 24/7 guest support solution for our customer’s hotels with minimal guest issues

2. Implemented a companywide enterprise WiFi solution

3. Deployed a turnkey Wireless High-speed internet for the hotel locations

4. Conducted proactive performance tuning to continually optimize WiFi performance

5. Offered a completely managed, monitored, and supported solution

6. Crafted a creative and customizable customer guest access portal experience

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