Sigmawifi’s Cloudcase Keeps Wi-Fi Up

Sigmawifi’s Cloudcase Keeps Wi-Fi Up & Running

Many mid-level and economy-priced Natural disasters stole headlines in 2021, from hurricanes to wildfires, tornadoes and more. For park owners, that means being prepared for any disaster is key when it comes to protecting campers.

Usually, the ability to communicate is one of the first things to get hit when any natural disaster occurs. This can hamper an owner’s ability to get updates on evacuation statuses, communicate with outside agencies to manage recovery efforts, help campers communicate with family members and park staff…etc.

Eli Morse, CEO of Sigmawifi, said that his company has begun distributing a unique Wi-Fi box that can help eliminate communication issues by keeping Wi-Fi up and running when a disaster hits.

Called a Cloudcase, the units come in a hard-shelled case that is designed to withstand the elements, according to Morse. Each unit includes a router and battery inside that includes room for eight sim cards. The Cloudcases connect to cellular networks to distribute Wi-Fi when other modes are disrupted.

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