Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is the top spot for camping and RVing in eastern Iowa with a great family-friendly environment. This beautiful resort in Monticello, Iowa runs along the Maquoketa River and consists of a large fishing pond. Both water bodies have their own separate beaches for guests to enjoy. Just a couple of miles down the road is the city of Monticello where guests can get anything they need, there is also a store within the resort to buy gifts and other fun things. Make sure to spend some time at Jellystone Park for a great family experience or just to relax and enjoy nature.


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Find a partner with the connections to source bandwidth to this remote area

Connect the entire park without any areas suffering from poor connection

Feel safe with our extensive support services and monitoring services

Implement state of the art technology to replace the old Wi-Fi setup at this park


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The first challenge we got to conquer was the somewhat unusual shape and set-up of this park. Jellystone park in Monticello is built around a large pond so we had to find a way to form our connection grid around this pond. With various cottages at different great viewpoints, Jellystone Park, Monticello is very widely spaced out. This posed a challenge because there are great distances to cover between connection points. Another challenge that our team had the opportunity to conquer was Monticello, Iowa being a fairly remote area. Many of our customers will have suppliers of bandwidth in the area so we can source our bandwidth locally and involve a small business. Jellystone, Monticello did not have any local suppliers of bandwidth that we could partner with, so another solution needed to be discovered.


Their goals, our vision

A unique aspect of this installation was having to shape our connection design in a horseshoe around the pond, a typical installation would consist of creating a large square or circular shape for our connection grid, so this unique shape was more interesting to work with. The aspect of Jellystone Park at Monticello being very spaced was wonderful for our team to experience. We installed extra tall towers to cover this space and this solved the challenge of covering the large distances because using taller towers would allow the signal to stretch further.

It was a very unique physical layout at this park and a great opportunity for our team to attack some new challenges, Our typical solution for supplying bandwidth to our customers is sourcing it from a local company. So it was a great experience for us to partner with someone who can source bandwidth to our customers remotely when needed. A remote solution ended up being the perfect way to get the right amount of bandwidth out to Monticello, Iowa to connect Jellystone Park.


What we achieved

1. Delivered exceptional Wi-Fi service to a difficult area where there can be troubles with connection

2. TV streaming services are fully supported throughout the park and run seamlessly

3. Gave our customer the ability to add new places for guests to stay and not have to worry about connection problems

4. Implemented fully integrated guest captive portal that provides easy to use communication with guests as well as promoting property amenities and capturing guest information.

5. Provide our customers with level 1 and 2 technical support, as well as guest support

6. Installed top of the line, performance-based equipment to replace and outperform the previous solution at Monticello, Jellystone.

4. Developed a relationship with a partner that allows us to serve the most remote customers by utilizing remote bandwidth.

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