Haverhill Country Club Case Study

Turnkey Wireless with 24/7 Support

With the impact of technology on communication, productivity, entertainment, and the increasing need for mobility, WiFi has become more important than ever keeping us connected at both work and play, no matter where we are. With that in mind, Haverhill Country Club Case Study wanted to give their campers an at-home Wi-Fi experience of exceptional quality.

Having a centrally managed system that can be remotely monitored and supported was critical. Having one company to survey, design, architect, install and support 100% 24/7 was the goal. A comprehensive enterprise-class wireless solution was required and Sigmawifi was the answer.


  • Upgrade Club Management Software for increased functionality and support
  • Upgrade aging IT infrastructure to maintain fully support
  • Implement a wireless network throughout the club
  • Move aspects of on-premise infrastructure to cloud to lessen their IT footprint
  • Partner with an IT provider that will help them get out from under their outdated hardware and start planning for the future
  • Have this all done by the start of Golf Season in Massachusetts


  • Turnkey Wireless network throughout the club
  • Upgraded all unsupported devices (PC’s Laptops; POS machines)
  • Upgraded Network Infrastructure and Storage
  • Transitioned email and backups to the cloud
  • Upgraded Club Management Software
  • Partnered with a strategic IT organization
  • Improved Member appreciation and happiness through wireless functionality

Haverhill Country Club Selects Morse Technologies and Sigma WiFi to Upgrade Network and Infrastructure

About HCC

Located in the heart of the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts, the club offers panoramic views of the meticulously landscaped championship golf course from the newly renovated Tudor-style building. Founded in 1925, Haverhill Golf and Country Club stands out as one of the most prestigious and beautiful golf courses in the Merrimack Valley. Its tree-lined fairways
and sloping greens will challenge both the casual and competitive golfer alike. Our driving range and two practice greens allow players to sharpen all parts of their game. Relax in our newly renovated 19th Hole after golf and dine in our brand-new dining room.


Haverhill Country Club has been struggling to upgrade their IT infrastructure and wireless network for years but lacked the strategic direction and expertise to get it done. They were utilizing outdated and unsupported hardware, they had no wireless functionality throughout the club, and to top it all off had no strategic IT partner to help them plan and grow for the future. Without the ability to make these network and infrastructure upgrades they were leavingt hemselves open to security vulnerabilities, unable to upgrade their club management software, and were dealing with unhappy members who had no access to internet inside the club.

With the potential for security issues and decrease in member satisfaction, HCC needed to make a change. They sought out a partner with the expertise to help them through all their issues, Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi.


In order to get Haverhill Country Club up and running before their busy season in the Spring and Fall Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi worked diligently to get all facets up and running. It all started with an overall assessment of their grounds, a network map, and an inventory list of what hardware they were using and how old it was. From there a wireless network was redesigned for the club taking into account their key hotspots (restaurant & bar, function rooms, pool, driving range). The wireless design allowed Sigmawifi to build out an entirely turn-key wireless solution that HCC can depend on. Next came the reconfiguring and upgrading of the network hardware to make sure all the hardware was up to date and supported by the manufacturer. This entailed purchasing of servers, desktops, laptops, and switching to name a few. Once the hardware and network upgrades were made HCC could now proceed to upgrading their very outdated club management software to the most recent version which they could not have done previously.


When Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi set out to help HCC improve their club the focus was on helping them accomplish their main goals – create a rock-solid wireless network for their guests to enjoy and upgrade their club management software to allow them added functionality and better user experience. Given our approach we were able to fully accomplish this in ample amount of time for them to get accustomed to the new system and network before the golf season opened. HCC saw an increased member experience right from the start and was able to add new revenue streams through the increase wireless connectivity. On top of that they had a completely upgraded platform to run their club off of that is fully supported by their provider and offers them more accessibility and functionality.

“Without the help of Morse Technologies and Sigmawifi we would not have been able to make the appropriate upgrades needed to be a successful club. We look forward to our partnership with both companies”
– Keith Schultz,
GM Haverhill Country Club



58 Brickett Ln,
MA 01830