Cady Hill

Cady Hill holds a special place in the heart of the Stowe area community, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Stowe Land Trust. Their mission is to conserve the beloved lands and waters to enhance the quality of life for everyone connected to the region. They envision a future where the health and vitality of the environment are safeguarded. The Stowe Land Trust is committed to making conserved land accessible and welcoming to all, recognizing that access to the outdoors is a fundamental human right.

Through collaboration and innovation, they have protected over 4,500 acres of land since 1987, preserving breathtaking viewsheds, extensive trail networks, and the working farms and forests vital to the Stowe community. Their conservation efforts extend beyond their own initiatives, as they have also partnered with others to protect an additional 2,200 acres along the Worcester Range and the Shutesville Hill Wildlife Corridor.

The impact of their work is evident in the rich network of conserved land that defines the region. These protected places provide high-quality recreational opportunities, scenic views, and a thriving local economy supported by the area’s natural resources. Stowe Land Trust’s commitment to sustainability ensures that these benefits will endure for generations to come.


Cady Hill’s main goals

Upgrade and Improve Connectivity

Enhance Guest Experience

Overcome Budget Challenges


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting

Cady Hill faced a significant challenge due to the outdated infrastructure of its old building. The low voltage cabling, which was directly buried in the ground, had deteriorated over time and was in poor repair, resulting in compromised data transmission.

Recognising the pressing need for a more efficient and reliable network, Cady Hill aimed to install a new Wi-Fi 6 Admin and guest wireless network.

However, this task proved daunting as the existing cabling issues required attention before the implementation of the new system could occur. Overcoming this hurdle was vital for Cady Hill to offer an enhanced guest experience and facilitate seamless connectivity across their property.


Their goals, our vision

To address the challenges faced by Cady Hill, Sigma WiFi stepped in with an innovative solution. Recognizing the constraints of trenching and running conduits for physical building connections, Sigma devised a plan to install wireless connectivity between the nine buildings on the property.

Leveraging their expertise in networking technology, Sigma successfully implemented a comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 network and a new phone system, covering the entire Cady Hill campus.

This strategic upgrade has revolutionized the guest experience, as visitors can now move freely throughout the property, unrestricted by physical barriers, and fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the Stowe, VT landscape. 

The solution provided by Sigma WiFi not only addressed the budget limitations but also ensured seamless connectivity, enhancing Cady Hill’s overall efficiency and user satisfaction.


What we achieved

1. Facilitated unrestricted access to the beautiful Stowe, VT landscape, enabling guests to fully enjoy the surroundings.

2. Overcame budget challenges by opting for wireless connectivity between the 9 buildings instead of trenching and running conduit.

3. Installation of a new phone system, enabling efficient communication and streamlining internal operations.

4. Enhanced guest experience through seamless and reliable wireless connectivity, allowing visitors to move freely throughout the campus.

5. Improved overall efficiency and user satisfaction, ensuring Cady Hill can provide a more enjoyable and convenient experience for its visitors and staff alike.

6. Achieved a robust and efficient network infrastructure, addressing the challenges posed by the old building’s outdated cabling and poor data transmission.

7. Upgraded and improved connectivity with a new Wi-Fi 6 network installed property-wide.

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