Like air conditioning in the Mall in the middle of summer, WiFi is an expected amenity these days…..  yes, even at a campground!  And it must be fast!

Campgrounds face all of the same issues as hotels in providing WiFi to guests and have some additional unique challenges. Campgrounds are often in rural or semi-rural areas where Internet speeds are slower and more expensive, electrical supply to the system and access points may be less stable and links between access points is usually wireless instead of wired. Add exposure to elements such as rain, wind and lightning and the equipment is subject to more wear and needs attention more often.

Well now there is a solution that is completely turn-key that will deliver survey, architect, implement and support super fast wifi with super coverage.  Forget about the outdoor challenges that come along with campgrounds……. Precipitation, trees, wind, hot, cold….  Sigmawifi has it solved.

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