Nantucket Inn

Nantucket Inn is a charming and inviting hotel located on the picturesque Nantucket Island. Situated just 3 miles away from the renowned Nantucket Whaling Museum and the vibrant town center, the inn offers a convenient and cozy stay for guests seeking to explore the island’s rich history and attractions. 

With complimentary shuttle services to the center of town and the beautiful Surfside Beach, guests can easily indulge in the island’s beauty and culture.


Nantucket Inn ’s main goal

Deliver Modern Technological Amenities

Preserve Historical Significance


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting

During our collaboration, we encountered several challenges that required thoughtful solutions. Situated on the prestigious Nantucket Island, the inn faced the unique complexities of being part of a historically affluent community. The island’s rich heritage brought with it not only a sense of pride but also stringent historical restrictions and regulations. As Nantucket Inn underwent a major renovation, navigating the city’s requirements and preserving the building’s historical significance became a significant challenge. 

However, with Sigma WiFi’s support and expertise, the collaboration worked closely with ownership to find a harmonious balance between preserving the building’s cherished history and incorporating the modern technological amenities that guests expect. Overcoming these hurdles, Nantucket Inn emerged with a successful renovation that seamlessly blended tradition and innovation, creating an inviting and memorable experience for its esteemed guests.


Their goals, our vision

Sigma WiFi leveraged its expertise in modern networking technology to deliver cutting-edge amenities that align with guests’ expectations. The focal point of our proposal was the implementation of Wifi 6 technology, offering seamless and high-speed wireless connectivity throughout the inn. 

This solution not only met the demands of the modern hospitality industry but also complemented the historical ambiance of the Nantucket Inn.

 Sigma WiFi’s thoughtful approach enabled Nantucket Inn to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, enhancing the overall guest experience while preserving the island’s cherished heritage.


What we achieved

1. Preserved the historical significance of the building, respecting the charm and heritage of Nantucket Island.
2. Delivered modern technological amenities, meeting guests’ expectations for seamless connectivity.
3. Implemented Wifi 6 technology, providing high-speed and reliable wireless access throughout the inn.
4. Enhanced operational efficiency for the campground staff through reliable Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, streamlining communication and daily operations.

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