Sea Latch Inn Case Study

Turnkey Wireless with 24/7 Support


  • To standardize on an enterprise guest wireless solution for our hotels
  • Provide complete and seamless coverage throughout our hotels
  • Provide a strategic and cost-effective WiFi solution for a customer service driven company, from a customer service driven company
  • Leverage a company to accommodate centralized management, support, and monitoring
  • Implement a solution that can provide top notch reporting, throttling and content filtering
  • Keep up with the guest demands for flawless streaming media content from multiple devices
  • Offer a customizable, information driven customer guest access portal (Captive Portal) experience that communicates with our customers, captures guest information, informs guests of events, and promotes our hotel amenities with the opportunity to generate


  • A Turnkey, fully managed, State-of-the-Art Guest WiFi Experience
  • Full support for Streaming Internet Video/TV Services
  • Fully integrated Guest Captive Portal to communicate with our guests, market property services, capture guest information, promote property amenities
  • Implementation of a Secure, Performance driven, Enterprise guest WiFi solution
  • 24/7 Experience Monitoring and 24/7 Guest / Staff support services
  • Proactive performance tuning to continually optimize WiFi performance
  • Business Partnership with SIGMAWIFI who has a team of professionals in the hospitality industry with decades of experience and advisory services
  • Partner that can advise and implement Smart Hotel Technology, TV Services, VOIP and Audio.


Like many hotels, there is often legacy wireless in place that does not meet the demands of today’s hotel guests. With the expectation for great wireless coverage at any hotel a customer stays at, Sea Latch Inn needed to find a partner that could implement a 100% turnkey High-Speed Internet Access Solution (HSIA) with unmatched 24/7 guest support, network monitoring and continuous monitoring and analytics of use.

The property goal was to bring corporate level standards to its wireless network for all locations without complexity. A robust, secure, and scalable, yet simple solution that enabled cross platform integration was the objective so that the property had options to build upon a foundational, best practice network. This required a partner that had the ability to not only build the network properly, but also prepare it to securely accept integration to other technologies and applications. Sigma’s team brought these levels of experience and consulting services needed to propel our property in this desired direction.


Sea Latch chose to partner with Sigmawifi due to their proven experience delivering state-of-the-art WiFi design, expertise, central management, proactive support, security and most importantly… Satisfied guests! Sigmawifi offered a unique design and support model that scaled to Sea Latch Inn needs and matched the same level of customer service level expectations.

The enterprise provisioning features enable remote management and simple plug and play installation capabilities. Partnering with Sigmawifi has enabled our property to focus on the guest services while our technology needs are handled by the Sigma Team. We now have a single point of contact for all hospitality technology needs and services. Their advisory services and expertise in Hotel Technologies has also initiated discussions around a streamlined, single source solution for PMS Integration, Smart Hotel Technologies, TV Services, Audio, VOIP and several other areas.

About Sea Latch Inn:

Sands Beach. The original Main House was built for family and guests with cabins for the employees of the property. After over 40 years of warm ownership under the Poulin family, the Perkins family, residents of York dating back 7-generations, purchased the property with the intention of carrying on the legacy of Bob and Peggy Poulin.

Located directly in the middle of York Beach/Long Sands, the property sits on one of the best parts of the beach for surfing, sunbathing, and enjoying the sounds of the sea in your favorite beach chair.

Coastal Maine has been a long-standing vacation spot since the 1600’s, and continues to be one of the most relaxing destinations for couples and families. Boasting over 2 acres of resort grounds with gorgeous hotel suites and our classic cottages, we have the perfect space for your family to enjoy its coastal vacation this season!

Did you know we are also dog-friendly? Bring your furry ones! (please request a dog-friendly unit so we can be sure to have a gift bag for your kiddo when they arrive with you!).

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