Sentry Auto Group Case Study

Turnkey Campground Wireless with 24/7 Support

With the impact of technology on communication, productivity, entertainment, and the increasing need for mobility, WiFi has become more important than ever keeping us connected at both work and play, no matter where we are. With that in mind, Sentry Auto Group wanted to give their customer an Wi-Fi experience of exceptional quality.

Having a centrally managed system that can be remotely monitored and supported was critical. Having one company to survey, design, architect, install and support 100% 24/7 was the goal. A comprehensive enterprise-class wireless solution was required and Sigmawifi was the answer.


  • Need for a standardized ‘best practice’ network infrastructure for multi-location or ‘multi-rooftop’ dealerships
  • Need for optimized multi-site, cost effective, redundant connectivity
  • Need for RELIABLE Wireless Car Connectivity
  • Need for a managed and monitored dealership infrastructure solution including WiFi, Switching, Firewall and Phones
  • Offer a single IT provider for support, maintenance, procurement and strategic IT planning
  • Provide local 24/7service desk for a fully managed IT support platform
  • Streamline Project Management and Implementation for dealership renovations and new construction
  • Proactive Cyber Security Solution: SIEM Solution, Virus Management, Threat Protection


  • A robust, scalable, performance-optimized Network Solution for all locations
  • A 1,3 and 5year strategic IT roadmap
  • An optimized, dealership specific WiFi solution by Sigmawifi including CARLINK which provides state of the art wireless ‘Technician to Car’ connectivity.
  • A turnkey, comprehensive, 24/7 Service Desk providing proactive device management, round the clock monitoring and 24/7 support
  • Single partner to manage and support all Low Voltage technologies including HSIA, VOIP, WIFI, AV, SURVEILLANCE
  • Cyber Security: A reliable and robust SIEM security solution

Sentry Auto Group Selects Morse Technologies and Sigma WiFi for design, implementation and support of state of the art company-wide wireless solution

About Sentry Auto Group

Sentry Auto Group has been in business for over 30 years and is a leader in both sales and service in the Greater Boston region. With 3 dealership ‘rooftops’ and over 100 employees, they continue to excel in the industry and continuously grow in both a Sales and Service capacity to meet the growing needs throughout the Boston region.


In the past Sentry Auto has relied largely on a combination of both in house IT individuals as well as various outsourced IT vendors for most of its technology needs and support. With technology constantly changing and reliable and personalized support offerings being expected, it was time to carefully select a new IT partner that could properly design, implement, support and manage an enterprise-class network and provide enterprise-class service. Sentry needed a true IT partner to not only handle the day to day support needs but one that could also help pave the way for future technology needs. Auto dealerships function much like any large corporation with strict guidelines on specifications, performance and security. These areas of concern were paramount. The previous infrastructure, while appropriate at the time of install, did not offer the level of performance, security and scalability Sentry was looking for presently or down the road. It was critical to ensure appropriate security and reliability. The company goal was to bring corporate level IT standards to its dealership operations without complexity. A robust, secure and scalable, yet simple solution that enabled a growth and the ability to manage and support it from anywhere at any time was crucial.


Sentry considered several vendors for its Managed IT Solution but chose Sigmawifi with BCS based on their dealership experience, expertise, creative offerings, proactive support model and passion for dealership IT services and customer satisfaction. Other companies did not demonstrate the drive and determination in providing a customized solution to meet the needs or requirements of a state of the art dealership. The background, experience and focus specifically on dealership IT services set Sigmawifi apart from the very congested Managed IT Services market


Sentry Auto is committed to the best possible employee and customer experience in all locations. They needed not only a secure and reliable technology solution but also one that offers customers the confidence and assurance that their information is safe, their vehicles are being serviced with state of the art technology and they can have a great service experience when visiting the dealership. Auto dealerships rely heavily on DMS software, and Sentry uses a solution from vendor ADP, which can now be accessed via mobile and tablet devices. Now when customers enter service area sat Sentry, a technician can walk around the vehicle and start writing the service ticket on a mobile device even before they enter a waiting area. Employees could then retrieve checklists for individual vehicles straight from tablet devices, and make additional service appointments via iPads or other mobile devices. Employees are no longer tied to desks but can use mobile devices and SIP phones to better assist customers in show rooms and in car lots. Access points have been placed outdoors and can be used for tent sales and other special events. They have a 24/7 managed IT service desk they can call for service as needed. Data is securely backed up and available at all times due to the redundant server design. There is now a 3 and 5 year IT Roadmap in place as a guideline to ensure we remain within the industry ‘best practice’ guidelines. The service department now has the ability to use mobile devices and laptops to work seamlessly with the third-party on-board diagnostic devices. Technicians can now operate diagnostic testing without requirements of cables or being tethered to work benches. Sentry Auto continuously strives to improve customer amenities at all locations including Wireless Technology. By improving wireless coverage and reliability they can now become creative in their service offerings and amenities. For example, tablets could be provided for customers to access online music, watch movies or access email or other personal accounts via Wi-Fi. There is the potential to stream content over TVs in waiting areas including infomercials and advertisements targeted to customers.

No more bumpy roads

While Sentry is at the top of its game for providing superior sales and service to its customers, and is one of the top dealership groups in the Boston Area, it recognized the need and benefit of a robust network infrastructure. Sentry now leverages a comprehensive network architecture and IT support team that can easily expand and grow with the company, bringing each of its separate dealerships under one company vision. The structure of the managed IT service design we implemented enables Sentry to offer flexibility of features and capabilities for each dealership location, depending on requirements and needs. The guest experience is now significantly improved and Sentry looks forward to taking advantage of further service. offerings by Sigmawifi Dealership Services