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Red Roof, which includes the Red Roof Inn and Red Roof Plus+ brands, will have
Morse Technologies (parent company of Sigmawifi) test the speed of Wi-Fi at its properties.

Red Roof is testing out a “Verified Wi-Fi” initiative to ensure that its properties have the highest speed Wi-Fi so that travelers can use multiple devices and stream content.

Red Roof, which includes the Red Roof Inn and Red Roof Plus+ brands, will have a third party called Morse Technologies test the speed of Wi-Fi at its properties. Red Roof hotels offer free Wi-Fi.

Those properties with the fastest Wi-Fi will have a “Verified Wi-Fi” logo displayed on, on each hotel’s Experience Page on its website, and on its billboards. The program is in a test phase for now and so far, no hotel has gotten the Verified Wi-Fi designation. Red Roof says it will verify properties in the next few weeks.

Not all 447 Red Roof properties will be required to go through testing at this time, but those that don’t won’t get the verified seal of approval.  ​

Travelers used to complain about not getting free Wi-Fi at hotels. Now that more hotels are offering free Wi-Fi, their biggest complaint is that the Wi-Fi isn’t fast enough to accommodate their multiple devices and streaming of Netflix, Amazon and other producers of video content.

“Many of our customers view that as such an important amenity,” Red Roof President Andrew Alexander tells USA TODAY. “And realizing that no two Wi-Fi systems are created equally, we want to be able to tell our customers to know where exactly they can get the best and fastest Wi-Fi to meet their needs.”

Red Roof has invested a lot of money into upgrading their Wi-Fi capabilities. But Red Roof only manages 130 of its 447 properties. The remaining 317 are franchised out, though the company says many owners have already been upgrading their Internet services.

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