Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday

KOA hogback is eastern Indiana’s premier destination for campers and RVers across the country who are trying to escape the noise of the city. The country setting of the resort is nestled around Hogback Lake, a beautiful landscape for families to escape to. Angola, Indiana has a quaint village just a few miles down the street for all your grocery and camping supply needs. There is also a store in the on-premise clubhouse for campers to take advantage of. Be sure to check out all the great family activities or just get away to this relaxing and fun environment.


Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday

Find a partner who can ensure property wide connection with no dead spots.

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring and device management.

Differentiate from other parks with fantastic Wi-Fi performance.

Find a partner who will install the highest quality equipment possible.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The main challenge was the overall size of the park. The size of the park prohibited us from making trenches and running our fiberoptic infrastructure throughout the park like some of our other installations. Instead, we had to turn to a wireless solution. The wireless solution was our best option but also difficult because of our second challenge, tree coverage.

Tree coverage was a challenge because you need two Wi-Fi connection points to be within a straight line of sight of one another in order to share connection. The park's geographic location also came with a series of challenges for us to overcome. In this part of Indiana, it was not easy to find a carrier who could supply us with the bandwidth we needed for such a large project. It was also a challenge for us to find partners for manual labor and it was very difficult to source the resources we needed in this fairly remote location.


Their goals, our vision

We engineered a multiple hub and spoke wireless distribution strategy to handle the size and scale of the park. Along with the complex point-to-point wireless solution we installed that would be able to avoid many trees, we did end up having to trim and prune some trees that were blocking the wireless connection from one Wi-Fi access point to another. This solution was the most efficient option we could find and certainly superior to a wired solution.

To solve our challenges with the geographic location of this park, we partnered with two different bandwidth carriers in the area. We negotiated a separate bandwidth contract with each carrier, one carrier for each side of the park. This solution worked out great, and the park has plenty of bandwidth to support its complex Wi-Fi system. We were able to solve the resources challenge by sourcing them nationally and flying them in.


What we achieved

1. A fully managed, cutting-edge Wi-Fi solution that was installed with the best practices and will be hasslefree for the park management.

2. Full support for streaming TV services throughout the campground.

3. Expansive, park wide solution that leaves no dead spots and with connection everywhere.

4. Implementation of a performance driven program to ensure guests’ satisfaction and privacy.

5. A guest captive portal that is fully integrated and provides easy communication with guests, along with promoting property amenities and capturing guest information.

6. Anywhere that a guest can stay, they can be sure they will have a fantastic Wi-Fi connection.

7. Developed great relationships with partners in the area to get the whole park connected.

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