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Sigmawifi specializes in Permanent and Mobile Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Solutions for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Auto/RV Dealerships,  Hotels, RV Parks, Restaurants, and more.TURNKEY, State-of-the-Art WIRELESS. We Design, Implement, Manage, Monitor and Support 24/7/365

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Sigmawifi  has extensive presence in Auto/RV Dealerships throughout the country.  We specialize in key areas tailored specifically to meet the requirements and needs for todays dealerships.

Wireless Services

Wireless landscape is constantly changing. Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we interface with the web.  Wireless coverage and high performance are becoming an ‘expected’ amenity be it in a coffee shop, hotel, school system or dealership.  It is not all that different from expecting air conditioning in a mall on a hot summer day.  Now with next generation cars coming with built in WiFi for streamlining auto servicing, it is no longer a luxury or a ‘nice to have’ feature at an auto dealer.  It is required.  And it needs to be rock solid, highly secure and well designed.  Once installed it needs to be continuously monitored, optimized and ‘performance tuned’ much like a car.

Portable Wi-Fi networks go where you go, giving you total access and control.
Stay connected everywhere.
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Auto dealerships and rental companies maintain valuable inventory that requires protection from theft and vandalism after hours. Lots located at offsite locations are especially vulnerable.

Our intelligent video surveillance systems provide cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of areas of interest. Real-time alerts can be sent to emails, smartphones, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response.

Sigmawifi can also provide useful information that improves operations and sales, including coming and going of employees and customers browsing the lot.

VOIP/Unified Communications for Dealerships

Maintaining clear communications and excellent customer service within an automobile dealership can be a challenge. With a complex structure and multiple business units, auto dealerships have a unique set of demands that an ordinary phone system could never meet. With our Unified Communications offerings, auto dealers have access to a robust set of advanced features, such as call reporting, CRM integration, and mobile applications, that gets important information to customers and employees faster and helps to ensure quality customer service at all times. Let Sigmawifi transform the way your automobile dealership communicates.

Security Access Control

Our enterprise-class, feature-rich access control systems integrate credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video security applications for a unified management and administration experience. 100% web based, these IP networked systems require no software installation or client license fees. Flexible system architecture allows for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems. Our solutions also integrate with legacy access control systems, allowing for easy upgrade.

Sigmawifi Offers 24/7 Support

Sigmawifi a leading technology company and a difference maker in the industry is our experience, depth, scalability and
national presence of a team of knowledgeable and passionate engineers and technical service reps.