The Mountain Lake Lodge Case Study

Turnkey Campground Wireless with 24/7 Support

With the impact of technology on communication, productivity, entertainment, and the increasing need for mobility, WiFi has become more important than ever keeping us connected at both work and play, no matter where we are. With that in mind, The Mountain Lake Lodge wanted to give their campers an at-home Wi-Fi experience of exceptional quality. A robust, secure & scalable cloud managed solution, that would be easy to maintain, and 100% supported. They wanted the resort to be under one network architecture & vision, with advanced enterprise features, including a splash page for guest login. They wanted to offer free basic internet as well as a premium tier where they could charge for enhanced bandwidth that would allow Guests to have an “at home experience” with ability to support Live TV and Audio streaming services, Video Conference Calls, multi-media devices including Apple TV and Roku, as well as other expected wireless experiences.

Having a centrally managed system that can be remotely monitored and supported was critical. Having one company to survey, design, architect, install and support 100% 24/7 was the goal. A comprehensive enterprise-class wireless solution was required and Sigmawifi was the answer.


  • To standardize on an enterprise wireless solution for our hotellogo
  • Provide complete and seamless coverage throughout our hotel
  • Provide a strategic and cost effective WiFi solution for a customer service driven company
  • Leverage a company to accommodate centralized management, support and monitoring
  • Implement a solution that can provide top notch reporting, throttling and content filtering
  • Keep up with the guest demands for flawless streaming media content from multiple devices
  • Offer a customizable customer guest access portal experience
  • To offer a tiered wireless connectivity offering for guests to include a premium internet package for exceptional internet experience


  • Implementation of a companywide enterprise WiFi solution
  • Implementation of a ‘state of the art’ Enterprise Voucher Access System
  • 24/7 guest support solution for our hotels with minimal guest issues
  • Turnkey Wireless High-speed internet for our hotel locations
  • Proactive performance tuning to continually optimize WiFi performance
  • A completely managed, monitored and supported solution
  • Creative and customizable customer guest access portal experience

The Mountain Lake Lodge Selects Sigmawifi for design, implementation and support of state of the art wireless solution for hotels

About Mountain Lake Lodge

Set in the middle of a 2,600 nature preserve and surrounded by Appalachian Mountains, rustic and historic Mountain Lake Lodge is the ultimate retreat. Breathe in crisp, fresh air, dine on gourmet fare and build family memories with fun indoor and outdoor activities. We offer a variety of accommodations, from rustic cabins and cozy cottages to lodging in our historic Main Stone Lodge. Expansive meeting and event venues set the stage for romantic weddings and relaxing business events. Arrive to an unhurried pace and enjoy adventure and comfort in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains


Like many hotels, there is legacy wireless in place that does not meet the demands of today’s hotel guests.  With the expectation for great wireless coverage at any hotel a customer stays at, Mountain Lake Lodge needed to find a partner that could implement a 100% turnkey High-speed Wireless Internet solution with unmatched 24/7 guest support.

The company goal was to bring corporate level standards to its wireless network for all locations without complexity. A robust, secure and scalable, yet simple solution that enabled a single person to manage and support it from anywhere at any time was crucial.


Mountain Lake Lodge chose to partner with Sigmawifi due to their proven experience offering state-of-the-art WiFi design, expertise, central management, proactive support, security and most importantly… Satisfied guests!  Sigmawifi offered a unique design

and support model that scaled to Mountain Lake Lodge needs and matched the Mountain Lake Lodge customer service level expectations.

Sigmawifi’s enterprise provisioning features enable remote configurations of new APs, drop-ship to any location with simple plug and play installation capabilities.  Their centralized dashboard for global WiFi management enables us to scale the business while maintaining the high level of performance and guest service.


Mountain Lake Lodge is committed to the best possible guest wireless experience in all of its hotels. Based on the hotel initiatives they needed not only a secure and reliable wireless solution but also one that offers customers seamless connectivity.  Being a customer service driven organization they had to meet the high expectations and demands for flawless and FAST wireless connectivity.  Additionally, with the explosion of online streaming media performance had to be impeccable.

Mountain Lake Lodge with Sigmawifi now has minimized call volume for all hotels that have been upgraded to date. The features and capabilities available now through the dashboard are outstanding.  This includes a single dashboard for ease of management, deployment, reporting, performance tuning, documentation, running heat maps, mapping, etc….

Guests can rest assured that when they stay at a Mountain Lake Lodge they will be guaranteed reliable wireless coverage with the high level of performance expected at all hotels these days.

Mountain Lake Lodge continuously strive to offer ‘state of the art’ guest amenities at all locations. By improving wireless coverage and reliability they can focus on their service offerings and amenities.  For example, tablets provided to customers for access to online music, movies, email or any other media type. They can stream video content over TVs in lobbies including infomercials and advertisements targeted to customers thus enhancing the guest experience.  There are many ways to get creative when there are now Wireless Internet limitations.


Mountain Lake Lodge
115 Hotel Cir, Pembroke, Virginia 24136