Date: 07.04.2023

In today’s digital age, it’s not just the challenging courses and stunning landscapes that make a golf course stand out – it’s also the ability to stay connected. In remote locations with spotty cellular service, a reliable WiFi connection is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for both players and staff. Fortunately, we are here to help. As a national leader in designing, implementing, and supporting high-speed and secure wireless networks, we’re on a mission to bring seamless connectivity to even the most remote corners of the green. Recently, we hit a hole-in-one with a successful deployment at a prestigious golf course, finally putting an end to member complaints and staff disruptions caused by unreliable WiFi coverage.

Haverhill Country Club

A green corner with a success story

The golf course management had previously struggled with providing reliable WiFi coverage on the course and other key areas including the clubhouse, pool area, and distant driving range, resulting in complaints from members and disruptions to staff operations. To address these issues, for Haverhill Country Club, we conducted a thorough survey of the golf course, analyzing its layout and identifying areas with poor cellular coverage and potential interference from neighbouring WiFi networks.

Based on this analysis, we designed a custom solution for the golf course, using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure consistent and reliable WiFi connectivity. The deployment involved strategically placing access points throughout the golf course, ensuring that the property had solid and reliable WiFi coverage. Sigmawifi also implemented a load-balancing system to distribute the network traffic evenly across the access points, preventing any one access point from becoming overloaded and causing slow speeds.

What were the outcomes

The results of this deployment were remarkable

Golfers reported seamless and fast connectivity allowing them to stay connected and leverage web-based golf apps to improve their game. Staff operations were also improved, with employees able to use WiFi-connected devices to manage their tasks, use WiFi calling, and communicate with each other more efficiently. With reliable WiFi coverage across the entire property, they were able to collect valuable data on the usage patterns of their members and guests. This information allowed them to optimize the placement of amenities, improve the overall guest experience, and even make more informed decisions about future course development.

Furthermore, the golf course was able to leverage its new WiFi capabilities to offer innovative experiences to its members and guests, such as live streaming of tournaments, on-demand golf tips and tutorials, and digital tee time reservations. These added features helped to set the golf course apart from the competition and attract new customers in an increasingly crowded market.

Get to know us

What makes us stand out as a leader in the industry is our experienced and passionate team of engineers and technical service reps. Their proactive management and response to any issues that arise have been crucial in ensuring that the golf course’s WiFi network runs smoothly, with minimal disruptions or downtime. In addition, our monitoring and reporting tools provide invaluable insights into the performance of the network, allowing for continuous tweaking and optimization to improve its overall performance. Overall, the successful deployment of a WiFi network for Haverhill Country Club showcases the importance of investing in high-quality WiFi infrastructure to meet the demands of modernday golfers and staff. With the help of Sigmawifi, this golf course has become a leader in providing reliable and seamless WiFi connectivity, setting a high standard for other courses to follow.

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