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Sigmawifi specializes in Permanent and Mobile Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Solutions for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Auto/RV Dealerships,  Hotels, RV Parks, Restaurants, and more.TURNKEY, State-of-the-Art WIRELESS. We Design, Implement, Manage, Monitor and Support 24/7/365

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The six areas where Sigmawifi has seen hospitality wireless networks make or break a hotel guest experience include:

Guest Expectation: Hotel guests expect the same Wi-Fi experience while traveling that they enjoy at home and work.

  • 65% of hotel guests get online within seven minutes of checking in

  • 33% request the WiFi password as soon as they arrive

  • #2 on hotel guest wish list is free Wi-Fi (only free room upgrades were considered more appealing)

Speed and Availability: Having Wi-Fi isn’t enough: it has to be fast, reliable and reach every corner of the property

  • 82% of guests stated that poor signal coverage was often an issue that they encountered

  • 85 to 90% of hotel properties suffer from poor WiFi

Security: Guests have a perception that all hotel Wi-Fi is unsafe and they will be hacked

  • 93% of guests indicated security is a concern

  • 62% of hotels disclosed that they felt that their properties could make improvements to security and privacy technology

Devices: Guests travel with multiple devices and expect a quality experience with all of them.

  • 98.5% of hotel guests travel with a smart phone

  • 25% of hotel guests ignore the complimentary television and used the Wi-Fi to watch online streaming services

  • 76% of hotel guests attempt to connect more than one device

Hotel Operations: Hotels can improve the guest experience and their own operations with the right network

  • 68% of guests want to speed up the check-in process by using their smartphones

  • 74% of guests surveyed were receptive to digital customized offers and messaging

  • More than a quarter of hotels are adding smart room (IoT) features in the near future

New Amenities: Guests expect hotels to be in the digital age and that requests for services and amenities will be available without having to work with hotel staff directly

  • 95% of hotel guests said that Wi-Fi was ranked as being most vital of all hotel services offered

  • Guests are demanding a more digital interaction – they want to do things online rather than with people at the hotel (order room service, request housekeeping or maintenance, book a dinner reservation, etc.)

  • 61% want 24/7 virtual concierge services

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Sigmawifi a leading technology company and a difference maker in the industry is our experience, depth, scalability and
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