Ouray KOA Holiday

Situated amidst acres of stunning landscape, Ouray KOA Holiday offers a range of amenities, including a hot tub, pet walk, on-site restaurant, gem mining, playground, and pool table. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are numerous recreational activities. Guests can choose from spacious RV sites, deluxe cabins, camping cabins, or various tent sites to tailor their travel experience. Whether you’re with kids, pets, or friends, KOA provides an ideal home base for your day adventures. Explore Ouray, the San Juan Mountains, and a host of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, and more! Must-visit locations include Ouray Hot Springs, Box Canyon Falls Park, Cascade Falls Park, and Ouray Alchemist Museum.


Ouray KOA Holiday

Offer guests a seamless ‘At Home’ wireless experience with WiFi coverage extending across the entire property.
Develop a partnership with a provider to ensure seamless property-wide connectivity, eliminating any dead spots
Establish a wireless backbone across the property to guarantee connectivity for each cabin.
Partner with experienced outdoor WiFi professionals who can design, implement, manage, support, and proactively tune performance.


At SigmaWiFi, every new challenge is exciting!

The Ouray KOA Holiday posed unique challenges for the provision of complete managed WiFi services. The mountainous terrain presented difficulties with tall towers, complicating the task of getting equipment up and down the mountain, making cabling installations challenging. Coping with varying altitudes and strategically addressing directional point antennas became crucial aspects of the project. The pervasive heavy tree coverage demanded a strategic approach due to the challenges posed by branches. Additionally, meeting the high standards of KOA required a robust network capable of handling streaming TV services, necessitating a higher density of Access Points (APs) than typically encountered.

Overcoming these challenges required a thoughtful and strategic deployment to ensure optimal connectivity and meet the stringent standards set by Ouray KOA Holiday.


Their goals, our vision

We introduced a unique design and support model tailored to scale seamlessly with KOA Ouray’s needs, aligning precisely with their elevated customer service expectations. Leveraging enterprise provisioning features, we facilitated remote configurations for new Access Points (APs), streamlining the process with drop-shipping to any location and enabling straightforward plug-and-play installations.

The implementation of our centralized dashboard for global WiFi management empowered the campground to scale its business while maintaining high-performance levels and superior guest service

Our turnkey solution, encompassing state-of-the-art WiFi design and support for various technologies such as TVs and Smart Hotel functionality, positioned us as the ideal partner for KOA Ouray’s requirements.

Our enduring partnership with KOA Ouray Holiday stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering optimal solutions and services, showcasing our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.


What we achieved

1. A state-of-the-art guest WiFi experience that is fully managed and hassle-free

2. Seamless support for streaming TV services for guests’ entertainment needs

3. Continuous proactive performance tuning to ensure optimal WiFi performance at all times

4. A reliable and knowledgeable partner to advise and support other technologies such as PMS integration, smart technologies, cameras, and other areas of IT

5. Implementation of a secure and performance-driven enterprise guest WiFi solution to ensure guests’ privacy and satisfaction

6. 24/7 experience monitoring and dedicated guest and staff support services for peace of mind

4. A valuable business partnership with SigmaWiFi, consisting of hospitality industry professionals with decades of experience and advisory services

5. A fully integrated guest captive portal that allows for easy communication with guests, promotes property amenities, captures guest information, and generates park revenue

6. Wireless door locks that are easy to use and fully supported

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