Summary of Services to be delivered

Sigmawifi is proposing a proactive support engagement for all wireless access points as well as the existing firewalls.  With Cisco Smartnet or with the recent purchases of the Ubiquiti equipment, there are hardware warranties in place that include device repair or replacement in the event of a failure.  What is not in place is proactive management of these devices or monitoring of these devices to be made aware of a performance degradation, failure, outage, etc…  With our device management program we leverage our network monitoring tools and our engineer service desk to monitor the health of the devices on a regular basis.  This means keeping the IOS current, all firmware in place, the Unifi controller patched as well as monthly review of all log files to ensure devices are properly configured or adjusted accordingly for optimal performance.  Especially with wireless, many factors can change to affect performance and cause interference be it wind, objects, lights, metal, angles of signal, antenna failure, increased density or usage, etc….  Unless this is being continuously monitored and adjusted, performance can degrade over time.  Our service management eliminates the above concerns and ensures proper and optimal function.